my mother sensed a war
in her womb, and so
she raised me to fight.[x]

No Rest For The Wicked
Lykke Li


Lykke Li | 'No Rest For The Wicked'

The 'I Follow Rivers' singer is back and with one of the best songs I’ve heard from her in a long time. Lykke Li is currently gearing up for the release of her new album I Never Learn which is set for a May 5th release. 

Anonymous said:
r u russian?

i was born in russia and i live in moscow, but my parents are from azerbaijan (so i’m azeri) c:

Since the subject is on, what are your favorite books? :)

awwww thank you for this question though :3 
(it’s mostly russian literature tbh)

gone with the wind by margaret mitchell
jane eyre by charlotte bronte
white nights by fyodor dostoyevsky
a hero of our time by mikhail lermontov
anything by anton chekhov
anything by william shakespeare
fahrenheit 451 by ray bradbury
fathers and sons by ivan turgenev
tender is the night by f.scott fitzgerald


geizlieb replied to your answer post:
omg i’m reading it at the moment! have you read his letters to friends?

awww not yet, but i’m going to purchase&read this book too! i started reading “the french period” yesterday and oh gOD it’s becoming so sad and miserable, i was almost crying :’c (but it’s worth it ofc)

Anonymous said:
what was the last book that you purchased?

letters to Theo by Vincent Van Gogh c:



from sketchbook part 5